XLR Charger Arrives

The XLR charger came in the mail today. I was a little worried because it was advertised as 24V output and after I bought it I realized that you really need something like 28V to charge a 24V lead acid battery. The 12V float charger I have is actually 15V at 150mA.

The charger was advertised as being used to charge electric wheelchair batteries though, so I didn’t worry too much. I checked the output voltage and it came it at 27.3V. Not too bad.

The charger label.
The actual output is 27.3V.












The connection between the panel mount XLR and the charger was a little disappointing though. It’s tight. Really tight. I’ve been trying to break it in, but I may have to take the panel mount apart and grind down the poka-yoke feature. Just enough to let it slide on though, not enough to remove it completely. It’s there for a reason.

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