Thanks Rod!

The Pride Mobility Jazzy 1103 Electric Wheelchair.

The Mower Project began after a brief meeting with a kind gentleman named Rod. We met through Craigslist; he was selling his electric wheelchair, and I was very excited to purchase it from him.

Rod had been injured in an auto accident several months prior to our meeting, but he was quite ambulatory when we met. After some minor haggling, he agreed to sell his Jazzy 1103 wheelchair to me for $220.

“Just curious, who is it for?” he asked as we took the wheelchair apart to load in the trunk of my car.

“Well, it’s actually for a project I’m working on,” I said.

“Oh? What kind of project?” he asked.

“Well, I have this idea for a robot, and this wheelchair has a lot of components I need to build it.”

Rod nodded slowly, giving me a strange look. He reached into his pocket and gave me his business card. “Let me know how it turns out,” he said. I told him I would, thanked him for the wheelchair, and was on my way.

That was back in April, 2014. I have long since lost that business card, but in a small way, I hope this blog fulfils that promise I made to Rod four years ago. If you’re out there Rod, here’s how it turned out.

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